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Quality refurbished IT equipment with a 45 day warranty

Cascade offers tested/working computers, laptops, smartphones, servers, laser printers, LCD monitors and other equipment for sale to individuals and in bulk to schools, businesses, and resellers at low wholesale prices. 


All equipment is fully tested to ensure performance to manufacturers' specifications. Cascade uses a variety of diagnostic tools to guarantee the quality of the equipment. Specifications on functional and cosmetic condition are recorded to provide comprehensive details about our product to potential buyers. Cascade's Quality Control process ensures test and performance data are validated. All items are sold with a 45 day warranty.


With more than 16 years of resale experience, responsive and helpful customer service, and a reputation for excellence, you can count on Cascade to deliver quality "pre-owned" computer equipment at a great price.


Cascade Marketplace

The Cascade Marketplace (market.cascade-assets.com) is an online store hosted by Cascade which provides quality refurbished computer equipment with special discounts available to employees of our business and institutional customers. We sell a selection of our best set of refurbished laptops, desktops, LCD monitors, mobile phones, iPads, printers and more. Cascade is also a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and can install licensed copies of Windows 7 and other software at an affordable cost. All sales include a 45 day warranty and basic support. Purchases can be shipped to any address in the U.S. or picked up at our Madison, WI facility.


If you are a customer of Cascade, contact us and we'll give you the discount code and a sample email announcement you can use to promote this service to employees at your organization. If you're not a customer, you can still browse and purchase equipment from the Marketplace as well.

eBay Store

Cascade lists an ever-changing inventory of a wide variety of products on our eBay store. Find great deals on quality refurbished computers, audio/video equipment, accessories, printers, data center equipment and more. Cascade offers quick and convenient shipping across the U.S.

Cascade maintains a consistently >99% positive satisfaction rating on eBay and has received more than 8,400 feedback comments over the years. Our resale team is available to answer questions and provide support to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Bulk Wholesale

Cascade sells lots of tested, fully functional equipment at wholesale prices to schools, institutions, resellers and other interested buyers. All items are sold with a 45 day warranty. Cascade provides secure and environmentally friendly packing of items to ensure they arrive at your destination in good working order.

Learn more about how to register as a wholesale buyer with Cascade. If you are an international buyer, Cascade can assist with documentation and notification requirements required by the Export Administration Act. See our bulk buyer resale terms and conditions.

Rental Program

Do you have a short term need for laptops, computers, LCD monitors and other computer products? Cascade can help. We offer short-term rentals of quality refurbished equipment at monthly and weekly rates. Cascade can load Windows 7 on computers or set up machines with open source browsers for low-cost internet access. Call us at 608-222-4800 to learn more about options and availability.


In the past, Cascade has leased computers and laptops to health insurance organizations handling remote Affordable Care Act registrations, government agencies performing election services, and businesses that are hosting short-term training projects. When you're done with the equipment, Cascade picks it up and wipes off the data and gets the equipment ready for reuse or recycling.