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Deinstallation Services

If you need something disassembled in order to get it removed from a building, or need help removing IT assets during a refresh project, Cascade can help.

Cascade’s trained and secure technicians can help out with your next refresh or clean-out project.

When you are ready to upgrade, Cascade staff can come in and remove your computers from their workstations and from the network in a careful and efficient process. We have also cleaned out buildings during moves when desktops are left on employee desks. This is also a great opportunity for us to perform on-site wiping and inventory services.


Why would a company hire Cascade to perform de-installation?
During complicated refresh projects, you need you staff or contracted service provider to focus on the installation and setup of new equipment, not the removal and disposal of the obsolete items. Cascade staff knows how to remove and safely package these items in an efficient one step process using our different collection bins. As the same company that processes the equipment for asset retirement, we can protect the value of these assets to generate more returns for you in the future.


The benefits of using Cascade’s de-installation service:

  • Allows you to focus on the installation and support of the new equipment and not be distracted by removing old devices.
  • Frees up space quickly – Cascade staff will remove, pack and haul away the equipment in one step to allow you to follow quickly with the installation of the new devices.
  • By combining this service with Cascade’s On-Site Wiping or Inventory services, you can create efficiencies and build a secure chain of custody at the beginning of the disposition process.
  • We know how to carefully handle this equipment so that we can maximize returns for customers later if we resell the devices.
  • Our staff is trained and undergoes criminal background checks. Each follow our high standards for security and customer service to ensure only the best people are in your facility handling your sensitive equipment.